Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kotoin, Zen temple with beautiful mossed approach

This subdued scenery with moss may be one of the reasons that will make me come back to Kyoto.  I don’t like rain during any of my trips, but I’ll make an exception when going to Kyoto.  After the rain, a stone pathway and greens look more beautiful when wet.  

Here is a picture of Kotoin, one of my most favorite small temples in Ditokuji.  I was supposed to go there for tea ceremony on that day, which unfortunately did not happen. Yet my trip to the temple was not in vain because the scenery was worth the time.   I was captivated by the beauty of mosses surrounding the gateway and went into the temple.  The best thing about the garden seems that it was naturally designed.   You will feel a sense of tranquility simply by enjoying the natural looking trees.  When we visited on Nov. 28, the leaves had begun to change their colors.  The colors were still pale, and the scenery was not like an oil painting but more of water color.  There were some people peacefully enjoying tea at the porch along the garden.  I love the view that is trimmed off by the door frame. 

In Kotoin, they have a small tea room designed by Sansai Hosokawa.  Soft light fills the room from the windows creating an delicate and exquisite aura.  I longed to have a chance to be in that room.  They also have the removed and rebuilt Rikyu’s shoin-room from Jurakudai.  I found that room too somber, though (^^;;  Go to see it yourself, haha.

This temple doesn’t have anything magnificent to behold.  This temple is simple and rustic.   You might find wabi-sabi there.  If you are looking for the tranquility of Japan, this is one of the temples that I highly recommend you to visit.

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