Thursday, October 4, 2012

My first day in the tea school

When my brother and I visited the tea school for the first time, the master served refreshing tea for us.  The room was so quiet and the only sound that we heard was the sound of her preparing tea.  It was a familiar traditional Japanese room but something was different.  It was neat and clean, where a simple ornamental and a hanging scroll were displayed.   The master acted with precision and seriousness.

While she was preparing the tea, somehow laughter welled up on us.  We were young.  It was going to be so rude if we laughed aloud.  We tried hard not to laugh in there.  When you ware young and you are in serious situations, have you experienced trying to suppress laughter, but can’t help it?  We sometimes looked at each other’s face, and finding out the other person is also struggling to hold back made it a lot funnier and hilarious.  It was crazy!

The two young guys definitely felt something, something peaceful and extraordinary.  The unique atmosphere prompted the laughter.   We certainly giggled, but it means that the ceremony has some magical allure to common people like us.  Whatever that spark is, we were drawn into its world since then.  I always reminisce on that entertaining tea ceremony experience that me and my brother had.


  1. My first time at tea, I remember thinking all the movements were so beautiful -- both when making tea, and when serving and drinking tea. Everything tasted good too! I also loved that everything in the tea room and in the ceremony had a purpose and a history. And when my teacher said the purpose of tea ceremony is to value and capture each moment of life, I thought that attitude of ichigo and ichie was a very important thing to have in my own life.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I love the idea to value and capture each moment of life. It’s wonderful!!

  2. One of my first temae in front of other people...
    I went into the mizuya to get mizutsugi.
    While back in the mizuya, I became distracted somehow. There we so many people!
    I walked out again without the mizutsugi.
    I took two steps and realized there was nothing in my hands! I must have had a hilarious look of shock on my face, because some ladies started laughing (in a nice way). It broke the serious atmosphere. I laughed too, and went to get the mizutsugi, returning with a big smile. :)

    1. I wish I was one of the guests there. I can imagine how relaxed the atmosphere became with your heartwarming mistake. I’m sure that your guests had wonderful time there. It even made me smile as I read it (^-^) Thanks for sharing your sweet experience!