Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Memorial trip

I have had the same brand of car for twenty years.  This year, I’m thinking letting it go.  Before that, I wanted to go to a memorable trip with it.  We headed to Shizuoka prefecture where you can view Mt. Fuji!! 


One of the places where we stopped by is Gyokuoro-no-sato that has a small garden and a tea house.  Let me introduce some photos.
It is located in a country side surrounded with greens.

You can walk around the garden for free.

There is a tea house. 
 Only the people who pay for tea can get in.Of course, we had tea there.After having tea in a large room, you can look around the house.  This tea house also has a small tea room.  I got to see it. 
Preparation room

Small tea room (about 4 tatami mats)

hanging scroll and flower at tokonoma alcove

Elaborately designed ceiling


Nijiriguchi, crawl-in entrance


Position where the host prepares tea
I found a pretty unique thing there.Look at the sign.  Can you read Japanese?

It is gyokuro ice cream!!
I have seen matcha ice cream or green tea ice cream, but never gyokuoro’s.

 Its flavor … um … I didn’t find significant difference from regular green tea ice cream. But, it tastes really good, and it has actual tea on the top as sprinkles^^  

On the next entry, I’ll introduce the gyokoro we had in the tea house.


  1. Beautiful! And that is a sweet story about your car =)

    1. I have a lot of memories with it. The most memorable event was that I traveled all around Japan with the car when I was a college student. I took all my camping equipment and some clothing into the car, and hit the road. I drove to a city to a city and slept in the car. It took about 6 weeks to drive around. It was a great experience(^^).

  2. What is behind the window where the host prepares tea in the 10th picture?

    1. Should be the tokonoma?

    2. Are you referring the widow with bamboo lattice? If so, the Anonymous-san is right. It is tokonama.

  3. Hi Kohei-san
    what automotive brand did you were loyal to?

    1. Good question! Actually, it is not Japanese. It’s British, hehehe. It is Mini cooper that you can find in the second picture in this entry. My first Mini had a red body and white roof. I had it for thirteen years. The current black one is the second. I customized it in the way I like. I can talk about it for hours, hahah (^0^)

    2. Very unusual for a japanese to have a british car!
      The historical Mini!!
      The Mister Bean's car!! :-))
      Do you think japanese cars are better than italian or german cars?
      I own a Honda Fit bought used. The car is fine unfortunately here in Italy Honda service is very poor.
      I used to have two Toyotas (Vitz) and before those an Innocenti.

    3. You have driven a lot of Japanese cars more than I have, hahaha.

      I think there are many attractive Italian and German cars. Each manufacture and car has a good individuality. When it comes to the design, I find more attractive cars in Europe. But, we Japanese have good cars as well. I have a very reliable image on Toyota’s. My next car will be Japanese (Nissan?), probably ^^

  4. i enjoyed looking at the photos. what at interesting trip to an interesting place.

    1. Gyokuro-no-sato is an interesting place for someone who loves green tea like me^^ It has an easy access from an newly-opened expressway.