Monday, November 7, 2011

Feature design with my persistence

I’ve just got the samples of my originally designed tea cup.  It took a long time before they got here, after a lot of revisions in the drawings and remaking of the plaster samples.  The biggest challenge was the cost, because everything that I want to do has an additional charge.  I didn’t just want to make reasonable and ordinary tea cups.  I wanted to make them simple but have well-thought and elaborate details.  They may not be inexpensive, but I wanted to make them affordable.  Let me introduce a few details of my persistence.

The most favorite of my work is the texture. I wanted to make stylish white tea cups, but I think that white porcelain cups are sometimes too shiny to accompany a pottery teapot.  So, I got the outside of the cup bisque-finished and sanded.  (FYI: Bisque-finish refers to a non-glazed finish)  The texture is matte but smooth.  The contrast to the shiny glazed inside is beautiful.  It can go very well with pottery teapot by reason of the matte outside.  This procedure costs a lot and which is one of the reasons why pricing higher.  But I think it is worth it.

Another work that I adhered was the logo mark at the bottom.  I actually wanted to print the logo but printing is expensive.  So, I decided to have it engraved, which is more reasonable than printing.  Nonetheless, the engraved mark turned out pretty great.  It is way nicer than I expected.

Overall, I was very much satisfied with the samples especially with the details.  I will probably be able to manage the affordable pricing.  I may need a few months before releasing the products.  I can’t wait!  ^^


  1. This looks beautiful!Agree about the shine of the porcelain.Matte finnish goes better in harmony with the pottery teapot for both to act as one whole.You know my glazed Hagi cup and matte Yutaka teapot on the other hand enhance each other through diferrences,white sand particles in a cup and spots on a teapot surface being the only connecting elements between the two.

    You're doing a great job.
    And,yes,the logo looks amazing!

    Regards to Japan.

  2. Right, the Hagi cup and Yakishime teapot goes well. I think that a texture is a pretty important element for sea setting coordination.

  3. Are these going to be only sencha cups or any ippukuwan also?
    What about the capacity of the cups?

  4. Hi,
    I don’t have ippukuwan in this series, sorry.
    I’m making three cups,
    gyokuro cup 15ml (33ml),
    small sencha cup 30ml (70ml), and
    sencha cup 70ml (140ml).
    The abovementioned capacity is practical capacity. The numbers in parentheses are the maximum capacity.

  5. Thank you,Kohei,l'm now very eager to see the final result.:)
    Best regards to Japan.

  6. lovely details; i like the engraved mark, it is more textural. the matte outside also helps when holding the cup. i look forward to seeing them as well!

  7. Thank you, anastashia-sanヽ(^。^)ノ

  8. hello kohei :) I love your design details so far - they show much thought and attention. I like white cups and tableware but find most of them harshly reflective, so I really appreciate that you thought of a matte external surface. I have only one such (western) teacup and I love it to bits. The engraved logo is beautiful too. I cannot wait to see the finished product!

  9. Thanks, denise-san! I love the matte finish^^ I hope you will like it, too. I’ll start shooting photos for my webpage in a few weeks.