Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two important lessons for the tea ceremony 1

The other tea gathering we joined was Omote-senke style in an ordinary tatami room. It was a large room (about 30-mat room), and indigo carpets were laid for the place where guests seat. There was a tobacco set to indicate the seat for the main guest (the picture on the right).

Our master told us two important things for this tea ceremony, and I actually experienced the lessons.

The first lesson: Don’t be the main guest
The main guest represents the all guests, and communicates with the host and the host’s assistant mainly. It is a very important and honored role. An experienced or senior person should play the main guest. Our master told us to not sit on the seat for the main guest, and don’t be the one.

I think our master is enough experienced, but even she hesitates to be the main guest. This is an episode when we waited for the ceremony at the waiting place. We were the first party waited there. Then, other guests came after, and encouraged us to be the main guest. They were elderly ladies and look very experienced. So, our master declined it at being polite. But they really insisted. We talked for a while passing up the main guest. I kind of saw the significance of humility for Japanese. Eventually, our master reluctantly played the main guest in this tea gathering. She did performed the role very well in style.

I’ll write about the second lesson in the next post! See you tomorrow!

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