Friday, February 24, 2012

I grudge cedars

There is a tea tasting contest this Saturday, actually tomorrow.  I’ve got some tea samples and have been tasting them almost every other day in preparation for the contest. 

In one of the contest’s category, you actually drink five sencha and tell their production regions.  My tasting skill is improving through practice.  And now, I can even tell two of them just by smelling the aroma before sipping.  The other three are quite difficult.

Easy (distinctive) two
Honyama (Shizuoka):  aroma that is reminiscent of chestnuts
Yamato (Nara): aroma like flower

Difficult three
Tenryu (Shizuoka): roasted flavor
Fujinomiya (Shizuoka): bitterness of green
Yamae (Fukuoka): roasted flavor with a blend of sweetness,  My favorite!

Note: These reviews of tea are just my personal criteria to distinguish the samples, and do not in any way represent the standard taste of each region. 

This week, a nightmare occurred!   I got a runny nose that never stops(_)  Tissues are overflowing from my trash bin.  I’m now suffering from hay fever!   I wanted to practice more for the three difficult ones.  But now, not only can I not practice but moreover I cannot even tell the easy two, neither.  Oh, my。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 So, I had to give up on participating in the contest.  I’m so disappointed.
Someone told me the pollen of this season is from cedars.  Damn, cedar!  But at least, I had the chance to practice and improved my skills ... so let it be.


  1. Oh no! Sorry for your allergies! =( Hope you feel better soon. And at least there will be more contests in the future :)

  2. Oh no, that's awful! I'm so sorry, I hope you feel better. :(

  3. Eh,disappointing.l really wished to see you have some great time there on the contest.But now you'll get more experienced until a next event,that may be some good side of the coin.Good luck with your nose!

    1. Thanks! I really want to try it next time^^

  4. have you tried eating local bee propolis? or using a local honey in place of sugar? by eating a little bit of what gives you allergies, you can build up a resistance to it. honey on toast tastes yummy! at least you'll have a chance to practice more before the next tea tasting.

    1. Oh, really? Very interesting.
      I have honey from China, now. I'll go to a honey hunting in my eighborhood, kidding, haha^^ I'll look for one at shops. Thanks for your advice!