Monday, January 23, 2012

I might be going to hate tea

12 tea samples arrived the other day!  I’m going to participate in a tea tasting contest next month.  So, I bought tea samples for the contest.

I immediately tried them for practice.  These are seven sencha with different breeds.  I can spot some differences, but it is pretty difficult to tell which one is which for the first try (^^;;  As I was repeatedly trying each of them; one here, one there, the teas were getting stronger and stronger.  That makes things more difficult.  What I tasted was nothing but bitterness.  My mouth was filled with bitterness.  Yuck!  I almost hated tea, hahaha.  I need more practice to tell quickly before they get so bitter.

My favorite breed among the seven was Sayamakaori.  But, based on my memo from past tea tasting, it seemed to me that Sayamakaori was strong and I didn’t like it.  The taste seem to differ according to region and production.  

I will definitely keep on practicing before the contest.  And for sure, I will be loving tea more than I do now.


  1. Hi,Kohei,

    l really admire you being able to practice this.l can hardly understand how one could develop such a subtle feeling in taste buds to distinguish so many teas at once since the taste of tea is so gentle and profound.

    Well,good luck on the contest!
    Don't forget to post a blog entry when you win.:)

    1. This contest is a national competition for tea experts from all over Japan. It’s going to be a big challenge for me, but my goal for this contest is to rank in the top half.

    2. That's really going to be a challenge!Good luck!