Friday, January 27, 2012

13 types of Japanese tea

How many types of Japanese tea have you tried?  Sencha, Gyokuro, Matcha
When I studied to become a Japanese Tea Adviser, I learned that there are 13 major types.  They are all made of tea plants.  Have you ever seen them all?  I actually collected all of them and photographed them in both leaf and brewed form.  Wanna see them? 

I created a Facebook page (FB) for my tea ware shop, “Everyone’s Tea”.  I would like to provide basic Japanese tea information for beginners at “Japanese Tea 101” on FB.  I also want people to share their delights in tea on our FB. 

Please post your memorable photos regarding Japanese tea.  I’d be happy to have our FB filled with pleasurable photos from all over the world!

I want to fascinate lives overseas with Japanese tea.  Would you help me get other people know our FB by clicking the “like” button?  Thanks!

If you want to see the photos and descriptions of the 13 types of tea, please visit Japanese Tea 101 and take a look at the page “Types of Japanese Tea”

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