Monday, December 13, 2010

Rare teas at a buffet restaurant

This weekend I went downtown Nagoya to see a play. Before the play, I had lunch at a buffet restaurant called Sweets Paradise, which was specialized for sweets. They have some food menu but they also had a big selection of sweets. I had little salad and pasta, and then I had tons of sweets. I’m partial to sweets, and I was so happy ヽ(^。^)ノ They also had a big selection of tea. They were teabags. I didn’t try any of them. There were some rare teas which I have never seen, such as honey hojicha, plum green tea, white peach oolong, and corn medlar tea. I should have tried some, but I was so busy having cakes and cappuccinos. Ha ha ha….

Sweets Paradice webpage (Japanese) >>>

After the play, we had dinner at Gambo and Oyster Bar. I had many different oyster dishes and wine. At the downtown, the Christmas illuminations were glittering beautifully.

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