Thursday, December 23, 2010

The last drops - sencha -

This is a continuation from the past blog. >>> “The last drops of tea from a teapot.
Majority of books tell to pour all tea until the last drops of it from teapot into a cup. Because the last drops have the richest flavor. There is an opposing theory that you may pour or not pour the last drops to adjust the taste of your tea. I wondered how the last drops taste like.

I actually brewed tea and tasted the last drops. Today, I used futsu-sencha (regular steamed). The last drops sure had a strong flavor. They were bitter but I also found flavorful umami behind the sharp bitterness. The after taste continued with the bitterness and a savory green tea aroma came through my nose. I thought they were too bitter to taste but not unpleasant.

I also compared the teas with the last drops and without the last drops.
A: Tea with the last drops
B: Tea without the last drops
C: The last drops only
** Conditions **
Tea: Futsu-sencha 2g
Water: 70ml, 70degC
Brewing time: 2mins

The brewed tea color was slightly brighter with Tea B and darker with A. With this tea and the conditions, A had nice taste with good body. B was light and weak and it was too mild for me. I have already explained about C earlier. Maybe throwing away the last drops doesn’t work for correctly-prepared sencha, and it will work when tea is accidently brewed strongly.

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