Monday, July 27, 2015

Solace of Tea

Things that can’t be experienced with teabags

I sometimes have premium green tea for a change. Gyokuro is not a tea to gulp down for thirst, but to savor its aroma and flavor. Not only do I enjoy drinking it but also its preparation. I pour the hot water into a yuzamashi water cooler, and wait till the water gets lukewarm. Meanwhile, I scoop lustrous deep-green leaves gently from the caddy, and put it into the pot. Then, I pour the water from the yuzamashi to the pot. Somehow, I do it in a careful manner. Maybe because I wish for it to be delectable as I pour. I put the lid on and wait calmly. It can be a nice restful change. I can refresh and feel more focused. It’s not anything pompous, but it feels nice to savor the moment in preparing tea.

Shiboridhashi and Hohin

There are two types of teapot suitable for premium tea. They are small pots without a handle; known as shiboridashi and hohin. The difference is that shiboridashi doesn’t have a strainer and hohin does. Here, I have two pots for example. As a matter of material and shape I have to say that flat yakishime pot has an advantage over non-flat porcelain pot. The tea brewed with yakishime has rich flavors with a good body of umami. The taste of porcelain tea is a bit shallow and washy. However, brewing with appropriate conditions is crucial. You need to adjust them depending on the teapot, something like less time for yakishime or more leaves with porcelain. If you practice it, you can brew delicious tea even with porcelain pots. It’ll be fun to discover the best mixture for your teapot.


Eligible items for Gyokuro

The right utensils help my tea time. Lately, I often use a shiboridashi and a yuzamashi. I don’t conclude that shiboridashi is the best, but I just fancy it. I like its easy-to-care design as well. Shiboridashi, which doesn’t have a strainer, makes it much easier to discard the tea dregs and wash it than ordinary kyusu pot. This works quite effectively on everyday handling. The yuzamashi helps to cool down the water fast and easy. I don’t have to wait for it in vain or hustle on transferring the water around here and there. Having the right utensils allows you to incorporate premium tea into your days. Why don’t you try a nice refreshment for your hectic life?

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    The young man selling Teen Patti chips can be doing it for profit or just to make some extra cash. Gambling is forbidden in several areas of India, and it could also be unlawful to sell chips for gambling. The child must make sure that he is selling the chips legally and ethically as a result.