Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to wipe the tea bowl (video)

You rinse the tea bowl before and after making matcha in a tea ceremony. There is a certain way of wiping the wet tea bowl using a special linen cloth called chakin.  The manner varies depending on school traditions. For instance, I have taught that you wipe the bowl with three and half strokes, but some books say three strokes.

Wiping the bowl is a little complicated. You don’t have to be perfect if it is difficult for you. The idea that we clean the bowl before making tea is one of the gestures to show your respect to the guests. The tea bowl is already cleaned in the preparation room before the ceremony begins. However, you dare to clean it in front of the guests once again. I think that it represents the whole concept of the tea that you’re serving. It is something special and purified with your hospitality. As far as, you politely clean the bowl from the heart, it will be fine. Don’t worry the details too much. Good luck with your tea gathering and enjoy!!

I’m sorry if you have difficulty checking the details on this video because of the bad camera angle. My arm seems to gets in the way of my demonstration.

Please refer the previous post for the proper way of folding chakin.


  1. Hi !
    I find your blog very interesting and very well done.
    I'm kind of new to the world of tea and particularly to matcha, but I really enjoy that wonderful and so special taste.
    Your blog is exactly what I was looking for.
    Keep going so I can learn a lot ^ ^ !
    Have a nice day
    Thank you.

    1. I’m flattered. Thanks for leaving the comment. If you have a question about Japanese tea, please let me know. I might be able to write about it on a future post. Thank you for visiting my site.

  2. Next up.... How to wipe a Natsume :D?

    1. Wow, it's getting deep. But if you want to know, I'll try to make another video about it. It is not going to be near future, but someday in the future.