Tuesday, September 4, 2012


On my summer vacation, I found an attractive store on my way of a trip to Gero and Takayama.  The sign says EnaSuya.  EnaSuya is a popular shop for chestnuts confectionery.    I immediately thought that I should visit this place on my way back home.

Nice looking entrance

Traditional Curtain Outside the Shop.
A common tradition for most Japanese Stores.

Café space is comparatively small from the size of the building.
All tables are faced outside.

This is the outside view of the cafe.
I had Matcha.  Others had shaved ice with peach-juice syrup and one with brown sugar syrop.

 It took quite some time to be served, but I enjoyed the tea and their sweets.  The shaved ice was excellent.  It is a nice place to stop by and visit.

EnaSuya  (Japanese) >>> http://www.facebook.com/enasuya


  1. This is a lovely place; very calm. It reminds me of the Shoyeido Incense shop in Kyoto. It's amazing how many delightful trays there are in Japan!

    1. I've just searched about the Shoyeido. It looks nice!! If I have a chance to go to Kyoto, I'd like to visit there.

    2. They also have a sister shop, lisn, that is a modern approach to incense. It is on the same street, at the Cocon Karasuma. One of the incense sticks they have is named 100k; it is incredible, and mesmerizing.

      Did you purchase any of the kyusu at the Tokoname festival?

    3. I wish I could buy a teapot at the festival.

      The Lisn's webpage is so cool. It has chart for you to choose and find your favorite incense. They make me to try some of their incense.

    4. anastasia-san,
      I went to lisn on my trip to Kyoto!! I really love the shop. Thanks to you. I wrote about it on a new entry ...