Thursday, August 30, 2012

The best place to look for your teapot

The best place to look for your teapot has a huge selection of teapots made by various potters ever. At online shops, you can’t feel the texture and the weight nor observe the details, but here you can actually hold and touch them by your own hands to have a closer look .The special thing is it is only held in one place and a once in year opportunity.  It is Tokoname Ware Festival held in Aichi Japan!

This year (on Aug. 19), I went there to work as a staff at a temporary café for the festival.  We, Japanese tea instructors and advisers served gyokuro by preparing it in front of each guest.  Some people told me how they like green tea and some were surprised in learning how to prepare gyokuro.  It was pleasure talking to different people through tea.

Anyway, another advantage of this place is that you might get to see and talk to the actual potters of the products.  You can learn particular features of each craftsman.  One potter told me how carefully he selected his clay and another potter showed me a uniquely-designed tea strainer of his teapot.  I don’t think there are any other places that have such huge selection, and the opportunity of observing the actual products and talking to the potters.  It’s worth the visit.  Get the air ticket and fly to Tokoname Japan next time!

Tokoname Ware Festival (Japanese) >>

This is what we served at the cafe.


  1. Haha, wish I could have been there! Maybe someday =) Sounds fabulous!

    1. There is a fireworks show at night. Someday, you must come (^0^)/