Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Green Espresso

Can you guess what Green Espresso is?  Recently, there is a TV commercial that catches my attention.  It shows one samurai and ink paintings.  I like the commercial because it’s very artistic visually.  It says Green Espresso but doesn’t explain much why.  I got so curious about what it is.

Ordinary bottled tea comes in a plastic bottle, but I can tell the Green Espresso is caned.  So, I guess it’s a little different from ordinary bottled tea.  Maybe, it is sweated green tea late?  I was so excited to try it.  

I went to a convenience store and got one.  It says “shake before opening” on the cap.  So, I did.  I opened the bottle and smelled it.  It smelled normal.  Then, I had a sip.  Wow, it is not a green tea late.  It’s not sweetened either.  It is more like an ordinary tea but has more flavors.  I looked at the description on the bottle.  It says Kabusecha and Matcha.  Humm, it makes sense.  If you mix brewed kabusecha and matcha it would taste like this.  It sure has the sweetness of tea and it’s kind of new type of bottled tea, but I personally didn’t like it so much.  I appreciate the good TV commercial and the effort to come up to a new product.

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