Friday, August 27, 2010

Japanese tea tasting workshop

The other day, I joined a workshop for Japanese tea appraisal (?), or I should say Japanese tea tasting. Sorry, I don’t know the correct English word for it. Anyway, I practiced three types of appraisal for sencha.

1. Telling the picked season of tea by dry leaves
2. Telling quality of tea by dry leaves
3. Telling quality of tea by brewed tea
There were five samples on each appraisal.

The third one was very difficult. As I was tasting many tea, I was losing the sense of taste, and could not tell the subtle difference. I think the first impression may be very important at tea tasting.

I was good at the second appraisal, (Telling quality of tea by dry leaves). I was perfect on this. Can you tell which leaves are good and which are bad out of the five? In this practice, you have to answer the order of the quality from good one to bad one. I’ll tell you the answer on the next post.

Click for the large picture