Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I bought a tea plant

I’ve been working on my yard since we moved here. I want to bring a little flavor of Japanese tea garden into my yard. In Japanese tea garden, evergreen trees are mainly used to enjoy green rather than blooms. So, this weekend I bought some evergreen trees and planted in my front yard. I also went to a nearby wood and got some natural ferns and mosses.

One of trees I bought was a little tea plant, which is evergreen tree. I’m doing tea related business, so I thought it is interesting to see how it grows in my yard. It was 880yen at a home and garden center. The scientific name is Camellia Sinensis. The breed is Yabukita, a typical breed in Japan. The tag came on it says that you can make homemade tea from the leaves. I wonder how long it takes to grow big enough to pick leaves.
I’m looking forward to the time when mosses beautify covers all the ground and the trees and ferns grow bigger.

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